February 16, 2019 @9am Book signing Location: ASALH Black History Author’s Event – Renaissance Hotel – 999 Ninth Street, NW, Washington, DC

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At the beginning of the Civil War, Federal troops secured Alexandria, Virginia as Union territory. Former slaves, called contrabands, poured into Alexandria to obtain protection from their former masters. These former slaves came from all over Virginia, as well as from Prince George’s and Charles Counties in Maryland.
Due to overcrowding, mortality rates were high. Authorities seized an undeveloped parcel of land on South Washington Street, and by March 1864, it had been opened as a cemetery for African Americans. Between 1864 and 1868, more than 1,700 contrabands and freedmen were buried there.
For nearly eighty years, the cemetery lay undisturbed and was eventually forgotten. Rediscovered in 1996, it has now been preserved as a monument to the courage and sacrifice of those buried within.
In Alexandria’s Freedmen’s Cemetery: A Legacy of Freedom, Char McCargo Bah recounts the stories of those men and women and the search for their descendants. This book is a must-read for historians, genealogist and individuals who are interested in the pre and post-civil war struggles of African Americans.

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