Esther Chapter #23: Over 100 Years of Service

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Front Row: Lillian Williams, Josephine Ford, Laverne Lewis they are the oldest ladies in our chapter (Seated), 2nd Row: Deborah Ford, Linda Payton, Tom Robinson, Annette Fletcher, Rosie Ford,
3rd Row: Aquila Biddle, Michelle Baldwin, Omeara Banks, 4th Row: Lisa Logan, Lenora Biddle, Pamela Moore, Lorrie Smith, Shirley Ross, Joseph Parker (Not Picture).

Behind the scene, the Alexandria Gazette Packet’s article on “Esther Chapter #23: Over 100 Years of Service dated January 17, 2019.

The Esther Chapter #23 started one-hundred and eleven years ago in Alexandria, Virginia. The Chapter has eight-two past Worthy Matrons since 2017. There were twenty-five past Worthy Matrons from 1909 – 1949. These Matrons were:

Clara Lucas (1909-1923)
Katie Jackson (1923-1924)
Bessie Moore (1924-1925)
Katie Franklin (1925-1926)
Laura Dorsey (1926-1927)
Mary Redd (1927-1928)
Carrie Burrell (1928-1929)
Mary Dorsey (1929-1930)
Elnora Littlejohn (1930-1932)
Benje V. Burke (1932-1933)
Catherine Holland (1933-1934)
Mazie Bouldin (1934-1935)
Emma Simmons (1935-1936)
Etta P. (B. Robinson) (1936-1937)
Lucy Washington (1937-1938)
Cora Henry (1938-1939)
Fannie Tucker (1939-1940)
B.M. Kemis (1940-1941)
Evelyn Brooks (1941-1942)
Esther Neal (1942-1943)
Fedora Lucy (1943-1944)
Marie Bowden (Gale) (1944-1945)
Ruth H. Wright (1945-1946)
Irene Terrell (1946-1947)
Bessie Barbour Reynolds (1947-1949)

You can read the rest of the story on page 13, at of the Alexandria Gazette Packet Newspaper at

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