1. I am trying to find information on my Great great great grandmother Maggie Buck, born in Virginia in 1798. She had 2 sons, Robinson Buck born in 1830 and my Great great grandfather John A. Buck born in 1835. They moved to Ohio and that is where I find them in the census. IS there anywhere I can find out any additional information?


    1. Evelyn,

      It is possible to find where your 3rd great grandmother came from in Virginia but the research that has been performed on your ancestors must included all documents and all generations prior to her; to make sure that all brick walls are eliminated and all data is analyzed to make finding her in Virginia more possible. Without seeing the research that has already been performed, I do not know whether your ancestor was a free person of color or she was a slave. Thanks!


  2. findingthings1,
    I would like help in locating members of the Turner family of Alexandria, VA that was located here in 1920s. How can I reach you


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