Upcoming Genealogy Classes – “A Wednesday with Bernice” First Session Topic: Starting with You June 12, 2019 11:00 am – 1:00 pm @ St. Joseph Catholic Church- 711 North Columbus Street, Alexandria, VA 22314

Most of you who know me knew that my mother, Bernice Scott-McCargo, traveled with me on many of my genealogical research trips throughout the United States for over 38-years. Also many of you know that my mother died in February 2019. In honor of my many traveling days with my mother, I have volunteered to teach genealogy at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Alexandria, Virginia in honor of all the genealogical traveling memories with my mom.

I have named this new episode in my life “A Wednesday with Bernice.”

At least two Wednesdays or Thursdays in the month, my Mom and I would go down to Alexandria where I would research. I also would take Mom to visit Mrs. Napper which she enjoyed talking about “Jesus” with a devoted praying woman like Mrs. Napper. We also would do a lunch or dinner prior to returning home. Those days of the week were special more now, because I still reach for the phone to ask Mom on Wednesday or Thursday are you ready to go. So to fill that void in my life, what I decided to do is to volunteer my time to help others research their family on the Wednesday that I would spend with Mom.

Starting June 12, 2019 on the second Wednesday of the month at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, I will be teaching individuals to research their family. Over the months to come, I will take this class from the 21st century back to the 19th century in researching their relatives. The class is open to the public and each session will have a research topic that the class will be focused on.

“A Wednesday with Bernice”

When: June 12, 2019 from 11:00 am – 1:00 pm

Class session topic: Starting with You

Location: St. Joseph Catholic Church- 711 North Columbus Street, Alexandria, VA 22314

If you have any question concerning the location, contact the Church Administrator: Beverly at 703-836-3725. Any questions about the class, contact me at or Thanks!